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Australian Climate Madness

Thursday, May 14, 2009

ETS bill introduced into parliament

Despite delaying the introduction of the ETS, the government is still desperate to have the legislation passed before the end of the year. Why? Two reasons, both of them ludicrous:
  1. Business certainty: because business needs to know how much of their profits will go towards an utterly pointless emissions reduction scheme; and
  2. Taking a lead: because clearly China, and India and the US are all going to look at what Australia's doing and think, gee, we can't not follow Australia (global emissions 1.5% of total) so let's savagely cut our emissions and cripple our economies just so we don't look bad compared to ... er, who was it again? And why not read this article to see just how little chance there is of Copenhagen achieving anything.
Greg Combet was talking it up, of course (but where's our Pen?):
Combet said the Government accepted the science on climate change [more fool the government - Ed] that growing carbon pollution was causing global warming.

"The carbon pollution reduction scheme [two errors in four words, Greg - Ed] is one of the most significant environmental and economic reforms in the history of our nation," he told Parliament.

"Global action is needed to reduce carbon pollution to avoid the dangerous impacts of climate change [that's despite temperatures having fallen since 2001 and continuing to fall - Ed] and Australia must play its part in this international action."

Pure 100% Australian climate madness.

Read it here.

UPDATE: Barnaby Joyce has the correct response to this nonsense here:
"You can go to Copenhagen, you can go to Disneyland, you can go wherever you like, but the position of the National Party on this will be quite clear," he said.

Why isn't Malcolm Turnbull saying this too?


  • Simon,
    You are completely wrong on this one. There is only one reason this bill is being tabled - so they can go to the electorate and say "See - we did this".
    It doesn't matter how damaging it is to Australia (and esp to the members of the unions that put Rudd in power), it is about looking good in next year's election (or being ready for an early one if it comes to that).
    Everything else is spin.

    By Blogger RKC62, At May 14, 2009 at 2:51 PM  

  • Yes, you're probably right. These were the reasons given by Greg Combet...

    By Blogger Simon from Sydney, At May 14, 2009 at 3:49 PM  

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