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Friday, May 15, 2009

Climate madness from NSW government

Climate alarmism is running wild in the New South Wales government, as they legislate against (and waste your taxpayer dollars on) things predicted by hopelessly incomplete and unreliable computer models. The latest scare is about sea level rises, but there's a problem here - for some reason only Nathan Rees understands, sea level rises will be greater in NSW than in Queensland or South Australia - go figure:
The Government has predicted the state will be hit by 40cm-higher seas by 2050.

But that is at least 10cm higher than the level predicted by neighbouring states Queensland, Victoria and South Australia.

However, lobby group Urban Taskforce isn't letting the government off the hook, as revealed in a leaked letter:
"How can you be standing in ankle-deep water in Coolangatta and be knee-deep in Tweed Heads?" Taskforce chief Aaron Gadiel said. "It's ridiculous for anyone to suggest water levels will change on the state boundaries. Proposed sea-level benchmarks in NSW are the most extreme scenario."

The Department of Environment and Climate Change predicts that by 2100 NSW sea levels will rise by 90cm even though the CSIRO's website said the "average global sea level is expected to be 28-34cm higher than 1990 levels by 2100".

"It doesn't give anyone confidence when we have (these) significant differences against something as artificial as state boundaries," Mr Gadiel said.

Even the CSIRO prediction is likely to be way off beam. Sea levels have been rising steadily (and slowly) for the last few thousand years at a rate of about 2mm per year, with no measurable acceleration due to the late 20th century "global warming". This would mean that in 40 years we could expect a rise of just 8 cm, and by the end of the century, 18 cm.

And it's not just hot air - this kind of legislation costs you and me money.

Climate madness.

Read it here.


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