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Australian Climate Madness

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

City leaders in pointless climate gab-fest

A carbon-fuelled jolly which puts more CO2 into the atmosphere than their policies could ever hope to save. This year, they've all descended on Seoul, South Korea, for the C40 Large Cities Climate Summit - I'm guessing they flew there, rather than arriving on solar-powered bikes?
Former US president Bill Clinton [as clueless on climate as Hillary - Ed], whose Clinton Climate Initiative develops programs [and probably reaps huge profits - Ed] to help cities cut greenhouse gas emissions, called for commitments and concrete action at the meeting that ends on Thursday.

The issue of how cities “find a way to continue to thrive and prosper while reducing greenhouse gas emissions is one of the central questions in the whole struggle,” Clinton told a press conference.

The answer is they probably can't - given there are no real alternatives to fossil fuels at this stage... And then there's always one who's delusional:
Mayor David Miller of Toronto, who chairs this year's summit, said he was confident it could find balanced ways to combat climate change.

“We will be able to demonstrate not only how you can fight greenhouse gas emissions but how you can also build green sustainable neighbourhoods, create green jobs and contribute back to the fight against climate change,” Miller said.

I think a (swine-flu-infected) pig just shot past my window.

Read it here.


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