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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Penny Wong - like a cracked record

I am tiring of Penny Wong's arrogance, and I hope the general public will soon do likewise. Senate enquiry? Don't care. Opposition left, right and centre to the ETS? Not listening [sticks fingers in ears and shouts "la, la, la" molto fortissimo]. Almost as boring as the constant repetition of the "two errors in four words" Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, is Penny Wong's insistence that the scheme will go ahead whatever - like Catherine Tate: am I bovvered? As the ABC reports:
Federal Climate Change Minister Penny Wong says she is determined to push ahead with the proposed emissions trading scheme despite strengthening opposition to the plan.

"Malcolm Turnbull and every Senator is going to have to make a decision whether they will vote to allow Australia's carbon pollution to continue to rise, or whether they will finally say it's time for us to turn this around and start to reduce Australia's emissions," she said.

There's unfortunately no other word for it - idiotic.

Read it here.


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