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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

UPDATED: Indoctrination Alert as school kids question Penny Wong

UPDATE: Cory Bernardi, Liberal Senator in South Australia, correctly identifies this cheap stunt as "brainwashing":
"Encouraging children to look after the environment is laudable aim but this seems to have more in common with the ministry of propaganda than the balanced education of our children," he told AdelaideNow.

"One can only guess that the only children eligible to win this competition will be those who conform to the Rudd Government and Minister Wong's extreme political propaganda about climate change.

"I doubt the competition materials will include any discussion of how the Rudd Government ETS (emissions trading scheme) will export Australian industry overseas and result in hundreds of thousands of job losses for Australian workers."

Well said indeed. Read it here.

Original Story:

Year 6 students at Cammeray Public School have written to Penny Wong to ask about how the government is "tackling climate change" [I wonder if the students came up with that idea themselves, or whether they were "encouraged" to do so by their bearded lefty public school teachers? - Ed]. Anyway, Saint Penny graced them with her presence today:
Senator Wong explained how the government's planned carbon trading scheme would work and fielded many questions about hybrid cars. [I wonder if she answered the one about how many years you need to drive a Prius before it saves one day's worth of emissions from a coal fired power station? Answer: 70,000 - Ed]

"One of the really great things about being climate change minister is how interested in the issue so many young Australians are," Senator Wong said afterwards. [You mean, how interested in the issue so many public school teachers are - Ed]

She also launched a competition for students in grades three to nine across Australia.

In the Think Climate Think Change competition, children are encouraged to express what climate change means to them through art, poems or short stories.

All of which is just pure political indoctrination dressed up as a bit of harmless fun. Disgraceful. Be grateful your kids don't go to Cammeray Public School, or probably any other public school in NSW...

Read it here.

P.S. Winners will be flown to Canberra in August to discuss their ideas with Krudd, Gillard and Wong. Losers get to do exactly the same, twice.


  • If this website is committed to being a crackpot fascist group, then that's fine, but taking a shot at children who are just trying to make a difference is just plain cheap.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At July 18, 2009 at 7:25 PM  

  • If you read the post, rather than hurling insults, you would see that I am not taking a shot at children, I am taking a shot at their indoctrination by teachers and the Rudd government to adopt an alarmist, IPCC-based attitude to climate change - and that is politics, not science, and inappropriate in the classroom. Science is values and policy neutral.

    By Blogger Simon from Sydney, At July 18, 2009 at 7:51 PM  

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