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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

CSIRO scientists spout alarmism to Senate enquiry on ETS

Of course, they are doing it in their "personal capacity", but all the media reports are plastered with references to CSIRO, which does nothing for that organisation's reputation as an impartial scientific body. Penny Wong must be rubbing her hands with glee...

And the reality is that whatever the climate science, the ETS will do nothing for the Australian climate, nothing for the global climate, but everything to destroy jobs and the Australian economy, so everything that follows is ultimately pointless!
Dr James Risbey says if applied across all nations, the Government's targets imply a 50 to 90 per cent chance of exceeding the dangerous threshold of a 2 degree global warming.

He writes: "In other words this is Russian roulette with the climate system with most of the chambers loaded."

Three others have made a joint submission, saying the Australian targets will not achieve climate protection and that even if every nation on earth adopts and succeeds in meeting Australian targets, global emissions would still be above a pathway consistent with long-term climate protection.

And the ABC is only to happy to help out the alarmist cause:
The views of these climate researchers are widely held in Australia's scientific community. [That doesn't make them correct - Ed]

"I think that the scientific community as a whole, including every climate scientist that I know in CSIRO [sorry, I thought this was a personal submission... - Ed], is of the view that first; climate change is a very serious problem, second; that global strategies at the moment are inadequate to provide the satisfactory path forward and I think also people hold the view that Australia needs to be doing more," he said.

I hope they take a hefty submission from Ian Plimer to counterbalance the nonsense these guys are spouting...

Read it here.


  • Like the sucker dragged into the Nigerian banking scam, the alarmists have to hang on, shriek louder and pray for climatastrophe. They are committed now and can't back out.

    Every Professor Plimer, every sceptical blogpost and sceptical blog is another nail in the fiction of runaway global warming.

    I think this is THE high stakes game for the international left and think that this technology will illuminate the scam.

    Keep blogging !

    By Blogger Ayrdale, At April 15, 2009 at 6:30 PM  

  • Bob Carter was there yesterday.

    But I didn't see him quoted much.

    Funny that...

    By Anonymous DavidF, At April 16, 2009 at 11:28 AM  

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