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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Clinton - clueless on climate

From a conference in Washington:
With the collapse of an ice bridge that holds in place the Wilkins Ice Shelf, we are reminded that global warming has already had enormous affects [effects? - Ed] on our planet and we have no time to lose in tackling this crisis.

And Steve Campbell from Greenpeace also cannot wait to ring the climate change bell:
Well, if the collapse of the Wilkins Ice Shelf in the last few days is not a huge wake-up call for our political leaders at a global level, I really don't know what is.

Time for the international community to bite the bullet and come to the table in international climate negotiations, and make sure that particularly developed countries agree to deep emissions reductions [read "huge redistribution of wealth and the destruction of western economies" - Ed], so we can start to really help to solve the climate crisis at the global level.

In reality, however, even Crikey thinks the whole Wilkins ice shelf business is nothing but hot air:
Only a small part of the Wilkins Ice Shelf is affected by this event. It is also located in the Antarctic Peninsula, which is milder and subject to higher snowfall than the main mass of the continent.

The mass of ice involved is dwarfed by many larger ice shelf breakouts studied in great detail over the last 60 years in Antarctica.

It is embarrassing to see scientists and newspapers prostitute themselves in this manner. Are they that desperate to seek inclusion in the politically correct but unscientifically sound association of anything and everything with the truly serious matter of climate change?

Ice shelves are dynamic. Just as dynamic as they have been for millions of years, during glacials and interglacials. (source)

And these guys believe in AGW!!

Read it here.


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