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Australian Climate Madness

Friday, April 10, 2009

Climate talks fizzle (again)

Remember Poznan? That fizzled. Now yet another round of climate negotiations has ended in a "familiar stalemate". But hang on, "climate change" is the greatest threat to humanity since the dawn of time, isn't it? We should be doing something, now!
Despite high expectations, the first United Nations climate meeting attended by the Obama Administration fizzled out without a clear plan for reaching a post-Kyoto climate deal, due to be signed in December in Copenhagen.

Climate Institute policy director Erwin Jackson, a 20-year observer of climate talks, said most countries were "sleep-walking" towards the year-end deadline. "There is no sense of momentum, no sense of building trust and no sense within the negotiations about how we are going to resolve the outstanding issues," he said after the end of the 10-day talks in Germany.

Maybe, despite all the hype and spin, governments really have bigger worries to deal with...

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