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Monday, April 20, 2009

Climate sense from The Australian

Yet more climate sense, with even a dash of scepticism thrown in. What's going on? In an opinion piece entitled "Wong is wrong on ETS", The Australian skewers the utter nonsense that is the ETS:
Climate Change Minister Penny Wong was as intractable as ever yesterday in her insistence that "the time is right" to proceed. But if the Prime Minister does not prevail on her to change her mind, the Senate is likely to vote down the scheme. That would be the responsible course at this time, and one that more pragmatic members of the Rudd Government would welcome. It would enable them to keep faith with those who want action and blame the Opposition and minor parties for the defeat, while avoiding the economic difficulties of pressing ahead.
A more prudent course would be to wait and allow the outcome of the [Copenhagen] summit to inform the legislation. Even then, the uncertainties of climate change, including significant expansion of ice in east Antarctica, suggest a cautious approach is warranted.
Senator Wong's likening the scheme to "getting fit" is off course. Starting the ETS during a recession would be akin to starting a fitness plan in the midst of a bad bout of 'flu.

The Australian is thinking like a proper scientist for once, and actually taking note of what's happening in the real world, rather than relying blindly on the woefully inadequate computer models of the IPCC, in which Rudd and Wong have put all their faith.

Read it here.


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