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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ross Garnaut - an ego gone mad

The Australian Workers Union lays into the ETS and Ross Garnaut, after Garnaut's speech to the Greenhouse 2009 conference, in which he said the Government should scrap the compensation scheme for industry:
Workers union national secretary Paul Howes said Professor Garnaut was "bashing" emissions-intensive, trade-exposed industries that needed help to change to the new international carbon trading system.

"The professor's speech to the Greenhouse 2009 conference in Perth is an example of an ego gone mad," Mr Howes said.

"His new stance might make him a hero to certain inner-city Green elements, but … is an attack on regional Australia."

And to demonstrate just how out of touch with reality Garnaut is:
Professor Garnaut said he expected the local economy to be in recovery by the time an emissions trading scheme began in July next year.

How convenient. Another computer model told him that, perhaps, or just wishful thinking?

Read it here.


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