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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Polar trek to measure "global warming": it's too cold!

It seems that whenever explorers try to get to the North Pole to measure some aspect of climate change, Mother Nature unleashes her evil streak and dumps on them from a great height. A British team trying to ski to the North Pole to measure how fast the ice is disappearing are being thwarted by bad weather.
Project director and ice team leader Pen Hadow and his colleagues Martin Hartley and Ann Daniels are now down to half rations and fighting to survive in brutal sub-zero weather conditions.

"We're hungry, the cold is relentless, our sleeping bags are full of ice and, because we're not moving, the colder we get," Hadow said Tuesday in a statement from the London headquarters of the Catlin Arctic Survey.
During the past 17 days temperatures have consistently dropped below minus 40 degrees Celsius, and have been accompanied by strong winds increasing the chill factor.

But SBS cannot resist playing the "global warming" joker at the end:
Global warming is believed to be the main culprit in the rapidly melting north polar ice cap that is freeing up new sea routes and untapped mineral resources on the ocean bottom.

Setting aside the humorous aspect of this, let's hope these explorers are rescued safely.

Read it here.


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