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Friday, February 13, 2009

OT: RIP free speech in the UK

From Atlas Shrugs:

Bye bye England -- they are done. They should be kissing his ring for his bravery and courage in doing what they don't have the spine to do.

The Home Secretary Jacqui Smith who barred Wilders entry (see letter) has renamed Islamic terrorism 'anti-Islamic activity,' and has welcomed the most violent Islamic radicals while simultaneously banned Jews. (Video of Jacqui Smith)

What is even more hypocritical is that we watched in horror as hordes of Muslims and leftists rallied in the streets of London calling for Jewish genocide, calling for the destruction of Israel, and that was OK. Scenes depicting a Jewish blood libel of Jews eating babies. That was ok. The Brit police actually escorted the would be annihilationists to the Israel embassy while being assaulted, insulted and under seige.

The plea of a free man:

One of my comments on FB, "Britannia has sunk beneath the waves of history. Nelson, Benbow, Churchill must all be spinning in their graves. The great in Great Britain is no more."

Churchill is weeping ............ as the UK limps to extinction.

Wilders calls Gordon Brown the number one coward in Europe.

This is a fatal blow to free speech.

Unbelievable that we are reading this...


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