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Monday, February 23, 2009

Malcolm Turnbull - heading in completely the wrong direction

Despair. Instead of Malcolm Turnbull calling Rudd's bluff on the fallacy of human-induced climate change and the pointlessness of an economy-damaging ETS, as he should rightly be doing, he has taken the opposite path and is advocating even tougher emissions reductions in a desperate attempt to appear "greener than green". But at least he's pushing for an enquiry, which can't be a bad thing:
"We will move as soon as possible to hold the inquiry Labor is too frightened to have," Mr Turnbull told The Australian.

"We are committed to a more ambitious target and a more effective climate change policy. Labor's current model appears too costly, too complex, and it is ineffectual in terms of cutting emissions."

It is believed the Coalition will advocate a 2020 reduction target far higher than Labor's proposed upper limit of 15 per cent, either by expanding the boundaries of the ETS to include emission-reducing activities currently excluded, such as biosequestration and revegetation, or by finding some other way to claim credit for reductions from those activities.

But Malcolm Turnbull appears to be trying to achieve the impossible - tougher emissions reductions but at lesser cost to business. It can't happen.

Where are you, Barnaby Joyce?

Read it here.


  • We seem to have fruit loops on both sides of politics. We may as well be governed by Henny Penny, "hockey stick" Mann, nutter Hanson and fat Al Gore.
    There must be some rationality somewhere.
    God help us with an opposition like this!
    Does anybody really believe that 0.035% CO2 rising to 0.05% is going to destroy mankind.

    By Blogger Unknown, At February 23, 2009 at 10:57 AM  

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