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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fairfax - the eco-fundamentalists' media organisation

Fairfax has gone from being a reasonable, if slightly Left-wing, media organisation to resembling something more like "Green Left Weekly", if this editorial in the Canberra Times is anything to go by. Another "D" Word Alert (they just can't help themselves...):
Under the leadership of John Howard, the Liberal and National parties were mostly staunch, even proud, climate-change deniers, happy to ignore the increasingly urgent warnings by the International Panel on Climate Change [shurely "Intergovernmental"? - Ed] and sit on their hands while governments elsewhere in the OECD (with the notable exception of the US) began to take active steps to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.

The Coalition's excuses (that the link between global warming and human-induced emissions of carbon dioxide had not been satisfactorily established, that Australia's share of greenhouse gas emissions was small in any event and that efforts to rein in these emissions were pointless unless all large polluters, including those in the developing world, agreed to undertake remedial action) perfectly matched its conservative ideology and its fear that action would cost jobs. But this stance became increasingly untenable towards the latter part of its term in office.

All copper-bottomed Gore-bull. Those aren't "excuses", but well-founded reasons for caution, which Rudd & Co dismiss out of hand ("Hey, the science is settled, right?"). In fact, such a position has become far less untenable, with the almost daily growing evidence that climate change is a natural, cyclical phenomenon, that CO2 has little to do with it, and that emissions trading schemes are pointless political gestures which will set Western economies back decades whilst at the same time achieving nothing.

And the editorial writers are clearly so up to speed with climate change issues that they cannot even get the name of the IPCC correct!

"The alarmists are the new deniers." © ACM

Read it here.


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