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Australian Climate Madness

Friday, January 16, 2009

Engineers vote themselves $6 billion

Vested Interest Alert: The Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering has, unsurprisingly, announced that Australia requires a "technology revolution" in order to "tackle climate change" and that the bill for such revolution will be a cool $6 billion.
The report argues that emissions trading, which will put a price on carbon pollution from 2010, is "necessary but not sufficient" to tackle climate change.

Without massive spending on technology, Australia will not meet its promises to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the report says.

Like the Royal Society in the UK, which has abandoned all trace of its historic heritage as a body for impartial, sceptical investigation of science, and made clear that "the debate is over" on climate change, here we have another science related organisation swallowing the alarmist agenda (and cashing in as well).

As I have said before, science goes out of the window when you follow the money... Both the Royal Society and the ATSE have become political, not scientific, organisations. How many more of the world's prestigious scientific bodies will sell out for a quick buck in the climate change economy?

Read it here.


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