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Sunday, January 4, 2009

UPDATED: Deluded Aussie celeb praises Al Gore and The Climate Project

Thanks to Tom Nelson. The first reaction of any alarmist when faced with a skeptic is to question his or her qualifications to comment on the matter. That, however, doesn't seem to happen in reverse. Anyone, anywhere, can say what the hell they like unchallenged, especially if they're a luvvie or a politician.

In this case, our own Cate Blanchett (climate qualifications unknown, but I'm guessing pretty much zero) fawns nauseatingly over Al Gore (climate qualifications definitely zero) and the whole despicable Climate Project, whose sole purpose, let us remind ourselves, is to disseminate the lies and deception contained within An Inconvenient Truth. She should stick to acting. Under the headline "Climate Change Warriors", she spouts:
“In 2006 the inspirational Al Gore came out to ignite the Climate Project (TCP), which is generously supported by the ACF [Australian Conservation Foundation, which "runs" the Climate Project in Australia], where citizens from all walks of life in Australia are indoctrinated and empowered with the information [and a version of the slide show featured in Gore’s documentary film] An Inconvenient Truth to go out into their communities and spread the word.

“He trained 70 people then [in Sydney]. My husband and I went. We went as citizens and we went as concerned parents. We wanted to do something with our anxiety and to turn our anxiety into action. We were so inspired by the passion of the people doing the training, who were obviously inspired by Al Gore himself. It was the individuals [attending] who were then asking pertinent and specific questions about climate change and had the passion to go back and communicate to their communities.

The rest of the article is full of comments from more celebs, all hopelessly deluded by the contents of AIT and the Climate Project, most of which was debunked years ago. But Cate did get one thing right: "indoctrinated" is certainly the word for it, namely to imbue with a partisan or ideological point of view. Who cares about the real science, when we can indoctrinate an unsuspecting public with outright lies to mislead them into subscribing to our quasi-political agenda.

Dumb and dumber.

Read it here.

UPDATE: With excellent timing Watts Up With That points us to an excellent article by Harold Ambler in (of all places) the Huffington Post which thoroughly debunks everything that Gore and AIT stand for. Read it all, Cate.

UPDATE 2: Gore Lied has a hilarious video to go with it!


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