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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Climate madness from James Hansen

We all knew he was a warming-fruitcake, but this confirms our worst fears. Here are a few quotes from a letter by Hansen and his wife to Michelle and Barack Obama (why both, unless to tug at emotional heartstrings?):
[Schmaltz Alert] We write to you as fellow parents concerned about the Earth that will be inherited by our children, grandchildren, and those yet to be born.
[Horse Shit Alert] Urgency now dictates a personal appeal. Scientists at the forefront of climate research have seen a stream of new data in the past few years with startling implications for humanity and all life on Earth.

"New data", showing the earth cooling, perhaps? "Startling implications" for alarmists like Hansen (and their nice revenue stream)?
[More Horse Shit Alert] An urgent geophysical fact has become clear. Burning all the fossil fuels will destroy the planet we know, Creation, the planet of stable climate in which civilization developed.

Creation with a capital "C"? What, like in Genesis? Oh, please. "The planet of stable climate" - when has the climate ever been stable? Civilisation has been through far worse than the gentle warming that is currently occurring since the end of the Little Ice Age (oops, those are three dirty words to Hansen, of course), but hey, who cares about the facts when GISS funding is at stake?

I warned you the alarmists would get desperate. I was right.

Read it here and here.

UPDATE: Global sea ice back to 1979 levels, the year measurements began. Does that appear in your stream of "new data", James? [Thanks to Skeptics Global Warming]


  • This pretty much outlines the fact that the climate change lobby has officially ost the plot...

    'Global Cooling' and the Madness of Davos

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At February 10, 2009 at 1:50 AM  

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