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Friday, January 23, 2009

UPDATED: ABC censors William Kininmonth from transcript/podcast

Thanks to Jennifer Marohasy.

In a piece on ABC radio's AM programme yesterday on the Antarctic warming story (see here), the paper's author, Eric Steig, was interviewed, followed by our old friend and über-alarmist, Barry Brook. Then they interviewed William Kininmonth, who pointed out that there was no evidence of reduction in the cycle of Antarctic sea ice and that it was only around the coastal margins that temperatures exceeded zero degrees celsius during daytime for about one month of the year - the West Antarctic ice sheet has been in place for millions of years and likely to remain so.

However, this part of the interview has been censored from the online transcript and the podcasts (both of the segment itself and the whole programme). This kind of censorship of sceptical views, if it took place, is unacceptable, and in breach of the ABC's charter.

UPDATE: The ABC have belatedly posted the audio of the interview with William Kininmonth on the AM website (with no transcript) and citing the lame excuse that it was only in the Radio National version and wasn't included in the main programme "for space reasons" - how very convenient. As Jennifer says in her comment: "Not good enough."


  • This would be typical of our Aunty. Remember that the case for AGW - oops man-made climate change has had a recent bashing from the rather distinct non-warming for the last decade. This is further enhanced by NASA themselves saying that 2008 was equal 8th warmest to 2001. And that means we haven't had any warming. So what to do with a failing hypothesis - well conspiracy theory dictates that you have to get another scare out there to bring the "dumb" public and politicians back on side. This story, and I emphasise story, happens to come out when a new US president has just been sworn in (twice)and when the hypothesis is so dead with the general public.

    So no surprise that William's more informed analysis and comments would be "suppressed" from the general public. If this is a case of censorship then Aumty is really showing its true colours.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, At January 23, 2009 at 9:35 AM  

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