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Friday, December 12, 2008

Krudd - Carry on regardless

Kevin Rudd is sounding more like a cracked record every day. The same old nonsense, spouted day after day:
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says he will not bow to pressure from business groups to delay the start of an emissions trading scheme.

On Monday the Federal Government will unveil the design of the scheme and reveal its mid-term targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

The head of the Australian Industry Group, Heather Ridout, says the impact of the global financial crisis will make it difficult for many businesses to cope when the scheme is due to start in 2010.

Mr Rudd has told the ABC's 7.30 Report he is still determined to stick to the original deadline.

"We have not changed our ambition in terms of that 2010 introduction... our ambition remains and we have no cause to change it," he said.

No cause to change it, except for the worst financial crisis since the 1920's, that is. Idiotic.



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