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Australian Climate Madness

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Handful of greenies protest at emissions targets

About half a dozen "students, environmental organisations and green groups" caused a minor inconvenience at a few government offices, bleating about the 5 per cent target for 2020. But there is a sinister veiled threat of "direct action", which will, no doubt, be treated very leniently by the courts:
[Nature Conservation Council of NSW chief executive officer Cate] Faehrmann said the Government would now see a spike in more drastic measures to get the message across.

"When it comes to the planet and a safe climate we need to step it up. They haven't listened to us when we've politely asked, so I think there will be a rise in non-violent, direct action [such as] occupying Parliament and sit-ins in offices," Faehrmann said.

That means non-violent until it turns violent, which these protests have a funny habit of doing...

Read it here.


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