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Australian Climate Madness

Monday, December 8, 2008

Global companies sign own death warrant

There is really no end to climate madness - in fact, in the face of falling global temperatures, it is getting worse. The Australian government, which is going blindly down ETS Alley towards economic ruin, is being accused of not going far enough, not only by the usual Greens, but now also by 140 global companies (including National Australia Bank and Westpac), who have signed a communiqué calling for "deep and rapid cuts in greenhouse gas emissions" and calling for 50 - 85% cuts by 2050.
The call comes as the government is facing criticism from green groups after reports suggested federal cabinet would soften its position on a 2020 reduction target and its plans for an emissions trading scheme.

The companies say delaying action will increase the costs of stabilising the climate, and reduction targets should be guided by science.

Clearly they mean the "science" of the IPCC, which as we all know, isn't science at all but political propaganda. And then there's another poll from the Australian Conservation Foundation (which, as I have posted before, is the organisation in Australia which promotes Al Gore's despicable Climate Project, whose sole purpose is to disseminate to the unsuspecting public the lies and propaganda contained in An Inconvenient Truth) which claims that two-thirds of its respondents thought that:
Australia should set an example for other countries by committing to strong targets.

As if China and India give a flying fig about what Australia does. I'm still trying to find the wording of the question asked, but I can guarantee that it will be so biased that the only possible response would have been that sought by the ACF.

When not only governments but big businesses start demanding massive cuts in emissions, based on no credible evidence other than that of the corrupt IPCC, one has to wonder whether this bandwagon can ever be stopped.

Read it here.


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