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Monday, December 8, 2008

Enviro-crackpots disrupt UK's Stansted Airport

And presumably they will get off with a telling off and a slap on the wrist because, as we all know, if "preventing climate change" is involved, the UK courts will let you get away with virtually anything.
Dozens of flights were cancelled at Stansted Airport near London on Monday after activists demonstrating against global warming cut through a fence near the runway.

The airport reopened around 0800 GMT (1900 AEDT) after police arrested 57 people who had breached the perimeter fence using bolt-cutters under cover of darkness five hours earlier.

Cutting through fences with bolt cutters is what us old fogeys used to call "criminal damage", not to mention the hundreds of other aviation and security offences that would have been committed at the same time. But that all goes out of the window when it's justified by "saving the planet"... Airheaded Thinking Alert:
One of the activists, Lily Kember, 21, said the protesters were able to sit on a site near where aeroplanes taxi before taking off and landing.

"Being arrested is a terrifying prospect, but not nearly as terrifying as the threat of climate change," she said.

The best thing about this story, however, is that the group involved has branded itself "Plane Stupid", which just about sums up these protesters pretty well, wouldn't you agree?

Read it here.


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