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Saturday, December 20, 2008

David Evans - The ETS: Completely Unnecessary

(Thanks to Andrew Bolt). Clearly the ABC would never allow this kind of thing on their "proper" site (as it doesn't fit with their alarmist editorial agenda), so it's relegated to the Unleashed section, where they stick all the rantings of freaks and weirdos (like climate realists):
After several prominent public claims by skeptics in 2008 that there is no evidence left for AGW, alarmist scientists offered only two points.

First, laboratory tests prove that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas. But that observation tells us nothing about how much the global temperature changes if extra carbon enters the real, complicated atmosphere. Every emitted carbon atom raises the global temperature, but the missing hotspot shows that the effect is negligible.

Second, computer models. Computer models are just huge concatenations of calculations that, individually, could have been performed on a handheld calculator. They are theory, not evidence.

Governments have spent over $50 billion on climate research since 1990, and we have not found any actual evidence for AGW.

The most amusing part of this article, however, since it is on the ABC website, is the comments section, chock-a-block full of ad hominem attacks from the Loony Lefties who cannot believe that anyone could possibly question the consensus on AGW. Here's an example:
This bilge is lies, distortions and misrepresentations from beginning to end. Evans peddled this rubbish at 'The Fundament', the Die Sturmer of local denialism recently. He is an associate of the loony, far, far Right Lavoisier Group, well established as established up by Rightwing ideologues. All Evans' points have been rebutted over and over again, and his trump-card, the alleged 'absence' of a tropical tropospheric 'hot-spot' has been rebutted by a paper published recently in the International Journal of Climatology (I know. It's not as distinguished a source as 'The Fundament' or the 'Proceedings of The Lavoisier Society') by Ben Santer and 17 other real scientists.
Both anthropogenic climate change and Peak Oil are being caused by runaway, cancerous, economic growth, which our market fundamentalist capitalist state religion demands must continue forever, and hang the consequences for the billions who will suffer as a consequence.

And by the way, Santer refused to release the data for the "rebuttal" he claims to Steve McIntyre - I wonder why? Maybe Santer thought it would get the same treatment from McIntyre as Mann's hockey stick!

Read it here.


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