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Australian Climate Madness

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Climate madness from Bob Brown

And this is real madness, not just the "madness-lite" you get from Rudd & Wong. But we expect little else from the Greens of course, who live in an environmentally friendly little bubble, insulated from the genuine realities of the world. Check out these targets that Bob Brown, writing in The Sydney Morning Herald, has come up with in his fairytale world:
  • 40% reduction by 2020 (below 1990 levels, not 2000 levels);
  • (wait for it...) 100% reduction by 2050
So that would mean no fossil fuel use at all - no petrol or diesel cars, trucks or buses, no planes, no coal use, no natural gas, no nothing, and all by 2050 (and of course, no nuclear - perish the thought). And just for luck, he throws in the usual alarmist BS:
A level of 550 parts per million is a recipe for environmental and humanitarian catastrophe on a scale that is scarcely imaginable.

Australia will lose the Great Barrier Reef (and the 63,000 jobs that it sustains), Kakadu and our alpine snowfields. The Murray-Darling food basket will dry up much faster. There is a real prospect of two billion people in Asia going without clean water if, as projected, the Tibetan glaciers, which feed many of Asia's major rivers, disappear in the next few decades.

The really alarming thing is that (a) Bob Brown is a Senator of the Australian Parliament (we know the Tassies are a breed apart, but why on earth did they vote this guy in?), and (b) the Moonbat Herald gives him a platform.

Read it here.


  • At least he's got ideological credibility. He believes in global warming, so he advocates the only course of action that would actually do anything to stop it - a total dismantling of the modern industrial state.

    But it does put the lie to the idea that "the cost of inaction will exceed the cost of taking action now".

    By Blogger Yeti Hunter, At December 15, 2008 at 2:09 PM  

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