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Monday, November 10, 2008

TV boss says movie companies should ignore copyright in films that deal with "climate change"

In order to indoctrinate you better, of course. Alarmist films about climate change are not getting enough of a showing around the world because their makers are too concerned about the issue of licensing, and in particular copyright. So a TV boss has now said that such companies should not enforce their intellectual property rights (which represent, ultimately, their source of revenue) and allow such films free distribution throughout the world. Nalaka Gunawardene, director of TVE Asia Pacific, gives his vision of a rights-free utopia for climate films:
One example is the 2006 documentary Climate in Crisis, co-produced by Japan's public broadcaster NHK, along with The Science Channel and ALTOMEDIA/France 5.

The film draws heavily on the Earth Simulator - one of the world's most powerful supercomputers, used to predict climate patterns over the next century.

The results are both mind-boggling and alarming. In the coming decades, atmospheric temperatures may rise by as much as 4.2C. This could lead to more frequent and intense hurricanes, spreading deserts and significant loss of the Amazon rainforest. The documentary discusses whether and how humankind can avoid these impacts, drawing on rigorous scientific data.

Yet this hugely important film has not been widely seen, talked about or distributed in Asia - because of copyright restrictions. Only the highest bidders are allowed to acquire it for hefty licence fees.

The climate crisis challenges everyone to adopt extraordinary measures. Broadcasters and film-makers need to balance their financial interests with planetary survival.

What use is intellectual property on a dead planet?

No alarmism there, clearly.

Read it here.


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