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Australian Climate Madness

Friday, November 7, 2008

More alarmism from the ABC

The Alarmist Broadcasting Corporation will broadcast anything sensational and scaremongering, and here's yet another example:
A climate change expert says the New South Wales far south coast can expect to feel the full effects of rising sea levels as global warming takes hold.

Dr John Church, a scientist for the Centre for Climate Research, was the keynote speaker at a three-day coastal management conference at Wollongong this week.

Dr Church says sea level rises were markedly higher last century than in the previous 100 years and he expects that by the year 2100, the levels will be at the higher end of current climate change model.

Global warming? Sorry to labour the point, but are you referring to the global warming that has clearly taken hold in the last decade, and which everyone else has somehow missed? And as for sea level rises, they have been remarkably constant at about a millimetre or two a year since the end of the last Ice Age, so how on earth can you state with such authority that they will be at the higher end of climate change models?

Read it here.


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