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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Idiotic Comment(s) of the Day: Merrick Watts

This, according to some SMH journo, is news, apparently. Every week the Moonbat Herald wheels in some D-list celeb to prattle on about how "green" they are. Today, it's Merrick Watts, host of a breakfast show on Nova FM. He admits to having been trained (along with is conjoined twin, Tim "Rosso" Ross, who laughably has an abbreviated name longer than his actual name...) by the Gore-meister himself as part of his despicable Climate Project. Merrick oddly appears to be proud of this fact.
Q You are renowned for being a clown. Is there anything you don't find funny when it comes to the state of the planet?

A Yes. Inaction. Particularly by people who should know better: politicians and the heads of big businesses. Also, there are still people who attempt to argue climate change hasn't begun.

Er, we don't argue the climate doesn't change, because it does, and has done for millions of years without any help from us, but we do argue very strongly about the cause. He admits to driving a V8 car, but then ties himself in knots trying to explain it away:
I am aware that my car is a V8 but it doesn't do as many kilometres as the average vehicle and runs on the cleanest fuel available, so is well below the national carbon output average. The next car I purchase will be more efficient. I am interested in seeing developments using hydrogen.

I believe you, mate, thousands wouldn't.

Read it here (if you can bear it)


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