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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Environmentalists chain themselves to coal-fired station

Environmental activists managed to disrupt operations at one of the country's largest coal-power stations at Muswellbrook, in the New South Wales Hunter Valley this morning.

Four protesters have attached themselves to conveyor belts while another 25 have been taken away from the site by police.

They're probably following the lead of the Kingsnorth Six in the UK, the Greenpeace activists who, in a decision that has brought humiliation upon the UK judiciary, were acquitted of charges of criminal damage to the Kingsnorth coal-fired power station, because they successfully argued the "lawful excuse" defence, and were acting to prevent a "greater damage", namely the damage the power station caused to the environment. This was the case in which James Hansen, who is the ultimate AGW fruitcake (still paid very nicely by NASA, thank you), gave "expert" evidence in support of the activists. You can read the whole sorry tale here.

Fortunately, the Australian courts have not yet followed the UK's moonbat judiciary down this dangerous path (as a further example of this madness, Lord Phillips, recently retired Lord Chief Justice cheerfully abandoned the fundamental and centuries old principle of "equality before the law" and said that Muslims in the UK should be able to use Islamic law in certain situations), so with luck, our home grown activists will get the criminal records they deserve.

Once the law allows protesters to mount a defence of "lawful excuse" for vandalism justified by "climate change", you are on a very steep, very slippery slope towards anarchy.

Read it here.


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