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Saturday, November 15, 2008

CSIRO moonbats screen alarmist climate film

Abandoning all sense of impartiality, the idiots at CSIRO are hosting the premiere of a film entitled Telling the Truth, on which I commented when Cate Blanchett attended an earlier premiere (see here).

Just for the record, let's remind ourselves that this is a film about a number of individuals who have been "personally trained" by Al Gore's Climate Project. As I said in my earlier post:
The Climate Project is a despicable propaganda machine whose sole purpose is to spread the outright lies Gore tells in AIT. Let's not forget, Al Gore won't debate the issues in that film with anyone. Why not? Answers on a postcard.

Today, in the Canberra Times, it appears that CSIRO has taken complete leave of its senses by hosting the "green carpet" premiere of this propaganda film at its Discovery Centre, Black Mountain, a centre supposedly to educate and inform the public, in particular young people, about Australian science and its history.

The majority of An Inconvenient Truth has been shown to be nothing more than scaremongering with no basis in science, and yet CSIRO, our national science research organisation, is happy to show, and associate itself with, a film about the Climate Project, which shamelessly plugs An Inconvenient Truth and the lies and misrepresentations it contains.

Read it here.


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