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Australian Climate Madness

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

CSIRO is away with the fairies

No-one will take the CSIRO seriously as long as they continue to spout alarmist claptrap like this, reported in the Herald Sun.
THE world may be on track to face economic and ecological collapses by the middle of the century, according to CSIRO research.

The 1972 bestselling scientific report The Limits to Growth warned of possible doomsday scenarios created by unchecked use of resources.

A study by CSIRO physicist Dr Graham Turner found data projections made in The Limits to Growth were correct.
"There is still time to avert things, but we may have to consider some environmental degradation and impacts on the economy might still occur," he said.

It is deeply embarrassing that our national scientific research organisation, which should represent the pinnacle of Australian scientific thinking, chooses to act like a bunch of unwashed enviro-hippies. Read it here.


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