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Sunday, November 9, 2008

"Christian duty" to tackle climate change

Forget about science, economics, or even morality (see here). Now we have God to answer to if we don't "tackle climate change". This is according to an American evangelical leader, Reverend Richard Cizik, whom our own deluded Prime Minister has agreed to meet, in an amazing display of naivety. As the Sydney Morning Herald reports:
The Reverend Richard Cizik arrived in Australia yesterday on a seven-day tour to spread God's word about saving the planet.

Mr Cizik said there was a strong biblical mandate for humans "to watch over and care for" earth's bounty and creatures. " Australia and the United States have been major blockers to action on climate change and our new governments have a special responsibility in creating a new kind of leadership," he said.

Note the absence of criticism of China and India, of course... We knew that AGW alarmists would scrape the barrel for excuses to keep their slowly sinking agenda afloat, but enlisting the help of the bible shows real desperation. Kevin Rudd (and Malcolm Turnbull) should treat this nonsense with the contempt it deserves.

Read it here.


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