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Australian Climate Madness

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Australian - Global warming melts from view

Stephen Matchett in The Wry Side discusses the demise of global warming hysteria now that the public actually have something serious to worry about - the economy.
Then the boom went bust and all of a sudden global warming was off the agenda. People became more interested in the state of their superannuation than greenhouse gases. And as for the damage done by economic growth, instead of worrying that there was too much of it the big issue became whether there would not be enough.

Instead of people promising pollsters that they would be willing to make using electricity a Christmas treat to save the planet, it's unemployment, not the environment, that is now top of the polling pops.

This is all terribly unfair to people who invested decades of intellectual capital in warning us about global warming, but that's the caprice of the market for you.

Read it all here.


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