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Australian Climate Madness

Friday, November 7, 2008

Another "climate change" protest at power station

These protests seem to be gathering pace (as we knew they would - see here). Two "protesters" (Greenpeace activists, probably) have chained themselves to a conveyor belt carrying coal to Tarong power station north-west of Brisbane.
Protest spokeswoman Clare Towler said the pair, supported by 10 others and representing a coalition of concerned Brisbane residents, had stopped production at the power station in protest at the Rudd Government's failure to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

"Australia's greenhouse pollution is rapidly increasing, and our addiction to coal-fired power is the main cause," Ms Towler said.

"We are taking peaceful direct action because we refuse to stand by while our Government sacrifices the Great Barrier Reef and a safe future for our children."

As has been stated on many, many occasions in this Blog, reducing Australia's CO2 output to zero will make not one iota of difference to local or global climate, or to the Barrier Reef, or (cue emotional tug at heartstrings) whether our children have a safe future or not. But you can't expect these protesters to understand that.

Read it here.


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