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Australian Climate Madness

Friday, November 21, 2008

American Climate Madness

Denial Alert Number 2: After Obama's ignorant comments on "global warming" earlier in the week, there's more barking nonsense emanating from the US. Once again, some moonbat senator thinks that the green revolution will cost nothing, will have no detrimental effect on an economy already weakened by a global financial crisis, and will be a panacea for the ills of the world:
"The time to start is now," said Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer, vowing to step up to Obama's challenge to combat climate change and create millions of "green jobs" in the reeling US economy.

Yep, we have to "do something" and it has to be NOW!! And again, she uses the "D" word to brush off the thousands of scientists who believe that CO2 emissions have little to do with "climate change":
"Instead of denial we will have resolve, instead of procrastination, we will have action. Instead of listening to the voice of the stagnant status quo, our committee hears the voice of our president-elect," Boxer said.

"We are facing a sea change," Boxer said, arguing that Obama's election and the big gains in congressional elections for Democrats would transform the attitude of the United States to global warming, the world's biggest polluter.

That's the "global warming" which, er, stopped nearly a decade ago, right? Madness indeed.

Read it here.


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