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Australian Climate Madness

Saturday, November 15, 2008

AGW alarmism slithers into sport

Around every corner you'll find an AGW alarmist. Unfortunately, it is now politically incorrect not to associate oneself with the "greenie" agenda or commit to "saving the planet", no matter how empty-headed such a commitment is. This PC attitude is now pervading the sports field, as the Manly Sea Eagles NRL team announces how proud it is to be sponsored by a green company, Quantum Energy Technologies:
The Sea Eagles said they were proud to be the first NRL team to be sponsored by a "green" company as Quantum specialises in renewable hot water and pool heating systems.

"At a time of much financial gloom it is refreshing that the code and the Sea Eagles in particular can clinch such a significant financial partner," said Manly chief executive Grant Mayer.
"It is a tremendous fit for the club and also makes a statement that we take the issue of climate change seriously".

Read it here.


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