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Australian Climate Madness

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Age shock - doesn't attribute bad news to "climate change"

Waterbirds in Victoria have declined by 80% over the past 25 years, but The Age has to concede through gritted teeth that it isn't attributable to climate change:
Scientists from the University of NSW have taken to the air to criss-cross Australia over the next two months for what they say is the world's largest waterbird aerial survey.

A team of 12 spotters flying in three light aircraft, mostly at treetop level, has begun counting the birds on every important wetland and river in the country.

They started in south-western Victoria and the findings are alarming. Team leader Professor Richard Kingsford said the 80% drop was not from climate change.

"It is mainly due to the alienation of the natural river flows and the over-allocation of river water to uses such as agriculture," he said.

This must be some kind of record.

Read it here.


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