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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wong - so much rubbish to choose from

It's so overwhelming - hundreds of articles about Penny Wong, and in each of them she's spouting rubbish. It's so difficult to choose... Anyway, Climate Penny, who has been on a carbon-fuelled jolly around Europe, has been speaking to students at the London School of Economics:
Australia will make money from its firm commitment to cut greenhouse gases and also by being quick to establish a carbon trading scheme, Climate Change Minister Penny Wong has predicted.

There's that same, utterly spurious, argument again about making money from climate change (whilst at the same time throwing billions of dollars down the drain). And perish the thought that we should wait and see what other countries decide to do...
Acknowledging Australia had an ''obvious need to make up lost ground'', she said, ''there is a deeper logic driving our ambition to have the carbon pollution reduction scheme up and running in 2010.

''It is a logic built on the Australian Government's recognition that ... it will be the countries that have moved to implement climate change reforms that will be best placed to deal with the global carbon constraint.''

"Make up lost ground"? In comparison to whom - New Zealand? Please explain. Read it here.


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