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Australian Climate Madness

Monday, October 13, 2008

UK Climate Madness - let's all live in Antarctica

Here Down Under we can't compete with the lunacy they churn out in the UK - we're just amateurs by comparison. Anyway, here's some more barking mad predictions from some group called the Forum for the Future:
Climate change will force refugees to move to Antarctica by 2030, researchers have predicted. Among future scenarios are the Olympics being held in cyberspace and central Australia being abandoned, according to the think tank report.

As the world fails to act on climate change, researchers predict that global trade will collapse as oil prices break through $400 a barrel and electrical appliances will get automatically turned off when households exceed energy quotas.

Australia and Oklahoma will be abandoned because of water shortages and athletes will stay at home in the world's first virtual Olympics, competing against each other in virtual space with billions of spectators.

All I can say is, whatever our Forum of the Future guy was on when he came up with all that, I want some too. But here's the cop-out at the end:
He said the crystal ball survey did not seek to project what was most likely to happen, just some of the possibilities.

So in fact, it's all just steaming BS portrayed as fact. Read it here.


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