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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Two Aussie surveys - two different responses

Interesting results from two surveys released today. The first, from, informs us that:
ONE in five Australians believe it is too late to save polar bears from extinction - and experts are not much more optimistic.
A survey of 1122 readers found that 20.4 per cent of people believed polar bears were doomed.

And yet on the other hand, also on
ALMOST half of Australians believe the signing of the Kyoto Protocol - a cornerstone of Kevin Rudd’s election campaign - was a waste of time.

But then again, in the same article, can barely conceal its glee that:
A whopping [love the adjective - Ed] 73 per cent of respondents to a survey, conducted by CoreData, also said the Rudd Government was not doing enough or could be doing more to combat climate change.

So, on the one hand, Kyoto was a waste of time, but on the other, the Government's not doing enough? We can, however, deduce that there is an element of the cute/cuddle factor at work here. The polar bear has become an icon for eco-warriors everywhere, and whether numbers are in fact going up or down, the public will assuage their collective guilt by crying mea culpa. This response is further reinforced by the fact that Australians apparently are more concerned about saving koalas (cute/cuddly - 37%) than emus (ugly/lanky - 4%).

All this coverage unfortunately gives ample opportunity for Penny Wong to spout more of her standard issue claptrap. "Carbon Pollution" alert:
"Our plan to tackle climate change has three pillars: reducing carbon pollution, helping to shape a global solution, and adapting to the climate change we can't avoid.”

Lastly, there is an interesting gender gap on the issue of whether there was enough evidence to link human activity to climate change: men - 54%, women - 85%. Any suggestions?

One thing these surveys do demonstrate is that the Australian public are thoroughly confused by the issues - not surprising since they are being fed a diet of alarmist propaganda through the media and government - many people suspect that there's more going on than meets the eye, but they are not sure what. Let's hope they try to find out.

Read it here and here.


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