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Thursday, October 30, 2008

OT - Krudd's a jerk

We all had our suspicions in November 2007 about whether Kevin Rudd was simply an incompetent buffoon in a suit, but we never believed in all our wildest dreams that he would reveal himself to be a bigger idiot than anyone could have suspected. But that is exactly what he has done by leaking a story to The Australian about a conversation he had with George Bush. Andrew Bolt makes hay while the sun shines:
He betrayed Bush by retelling their conversation in ways to make the President seem a donkey, and Rudd the genius who trained him to behave. And Bush has noticed.

Still not satisfied, Rudd then apparently made things up - to take public credit for a decision Bush had already made.

I can't recall a greater breach of confidence, a more studied insult to an ally or a more craven attempt at big-noting from an Australian Prime Minister.

Rudd made Bush seem a "donkey" by briefing that Bush queried to Rudd "What's the G20?" (as if the President of the United States, no matter how you choose to view Bush, wouldn't know that).
In fact, Channel 9's Laurie Oakes last night reported that White House staff deny Bush ever asked Rudd: "What's the G20?" They're on to Rudd.

They sure are. It's tawdry and embarrassing for Australia, and this is the guy we trust to tell us the truth on the economic crisis and the ETS. Let's just hope Rudd's a one-termer.

Read it all here.


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