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Australian Climate Madness

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Kangaroo-gate: CSIRO weighs in

Not great timing for our local scientific and industrial research organisation, CSIRO, to support Ross Garnaut's barking mad plan to abandon sheep and cattle and farm kangaroo instead, given that "climate change" will wipe out most of our roos anyway (see here). Still, they start the piece with some quality BS:
As Australians become more concerned about climate change, sustainability and loss of social cohesion, many are seeking more environmentally friendly, community-based alternative lifestyles such as those offered by rural and urban ecovillages.

Are you kidding? We're all worrying whether our savings, or houses, or super funds will be there in the morning. We couldn't give a kangaroo's for climate change right now. Read the press release here.


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