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Saturday, October 18, 2008

James Delingpole in the Spectator

Thanks to Gore Lied. James Delingpole, writing in the UK Spectator magazine, describes the increasingly wide gulf between the media and public opinion on the matter of climate change, and how governments (ours included) plough on regardless in an ever more desperate attempt to regulate every part of our lives.

Pick up a newspaper, pretty much any paper left or right — though there are honourable exceptions, notably the space the Sunday Telegraph gives to the heroic Christopher Booker — and the story peddled on climate change is virtually identical: look at all those drowning polar bears/melting ice-caps/ ‘unprecedented’ natural disasters. We’re all doomed. It’s all our fault. Something needs to be done NOW!

Rarely if ever are these stories challenged, because it’s not in the interests of the in-house specialist — the environment correspondent — to do so. Scare stories sell newspapers (oh, to be an economics editor now!) and the last thing any journalist wants to do in these dark, difficult times is talk himself out of a job.

But he ends on a positive note:
But the tide of history is against this Green Terror and so, increasingly, are the people. We’ve had enough of its ghastly wind turbines, its fascistic recycling inspectors and its swingeing eco-taxes. We want lightbulbs you can see by, not horrid flickery yellow ones; we want weekly rubbish collections; we want countryside unblighted by vast Teletubby windmills. And we want Al Gore’s head on a plate.

Read it here.


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