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Monday, October 6, 2008

CSIRO - you thought eating kangaroo was bad...

It seems the alarmists are now resorting to scare tactics about our diet. After all the "positive" publicity surrounding Ross Garnaut's suggestion that we all eat kangaroo (see previous posts), CSIRO have weighed in with their own report which goes one step further, threatening the Australian public with the demise of another local favourite - seafood.
The report says projected ocean warming of 2-3 degrees by 2070 could render salmon farming unviable, leaving open the possibility of salmon farmers having to shift their operations offshore to deeper, cooler waters.

And the retreat of mangrove forests and seagrass beds could leave commercially farmed banana prawns, mud crabs and barramundi without their habitats, the study found.

Penny Wong, always ready for a cheap soundbite, chimes in:
"The report finds climate change is likely to affect not only the fishing industry but also the regional and coastal communities the industry supports," Senator Wong said.

"It finds climate change impacts will vary by region and that many impacts are expected to be negative, with some data suggesting that effects may have already occurred."

But at the very end of the article, after most people would have given up reading, it is admitted by the report's author that:
"It was not certain all of the changes documented in the report were attributable to climate change."

Oh well, I suppose if it had been at the start it would have ruined a good story...

Read it here.


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