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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Climate Institute spins poll results

The Climate Institute has conducted a poll which shows that support for the Government's management of climate change has slumped from 43% when Kevin Rudd ratified Kyoto, to 28% two weeks ago. The Coalition rose from 9% to 14%, but the overwhelming majority (58%) couldn't distinguish between the parties on climate change.

There are probably a number of reasons for this. Firstly, both Labor and the Coalition have virtually carbon copy policies on climate, the only difference being a one or two year delay, proposed by the Coalition, prior to the introduction of an ETS. Secondly, the public are probably becoming far less interested in climate matters given the current financial crisis (which has continued to worsen in the two weeks since the poll was conducted).

However, the Climate Institute manages to put the opposite spin on the results, claiming that the Government aren't doing enough:
“The slump in the Government’s credentials may be driven by a belief that big polluters are not being made to do their ‘fair share’ on climate change and there’s community impatience to see strong government action following the ratification of Kyoto,” Climate Institute CEO John Connor said.
“The message for our political leaders is clear - back strong internationally and scientifically credible Australian carbon pollution reduction targets, of at least 25 per cent reduction from 1990 levels, and accelerate the growth of clean energy and energy efficiency.”

That's the great thing about polls - you can spin them to say exactly what you want. Unfortunately, on clicking the link to the "Polling Fact Sheet" which may reveal the wording of the questions asked, the site responds: Not Found.

Read it here.


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