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Australian Climate Madness

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Business and government head for clash on climate

The business community is becoming increasingly concerned that the introduction of an ETS in 2010 will damage the economy, yet Rudd & Co are determined to press on with their misguided plans.
"The current financial crisis does not lessen the need for the nations of the world to deal with climate change," Senator [Penny] Wong told ABC Radio today.

However, Woodside Chief Executive Don Voelte was slightly more blunt:
"Heck, I think it's off the table right now," he told ABC Radio.

"You can't put something like that in at this time until we get this whole fiscal chaos that is going on in the world straightened out."

Sadly, the Australian Industry Group are not exactly standing up for business interests with a lukewarm agreement to a start in 2010:
"If we start sensibly, if we start cautiously, maybe we can learn how to operate in this new environment and the risks will be reduced."

Not exactly what business leaders would want to hear.

Read it here.


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