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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Andrew Bolt - North Pole too icy to mention

Another example of news being ignored when it's convenient to do so:
Remember all those dire warnings in the media of an ice-free North Pole this (northern) summer? Remember the British eco-explorer, Lewis Gordon Pugh, announcing he’d paddle to the Pole to draw attention to the frightening lack of ice?


Has anyone in the main-stream media since told you that Pugh had to call off his plan, still 600 miles from the North Pole, when his kayak ran into too much ice?

Anyone in the media since told you there was in fact 9 per cent more ice at the Arctic this summer than there was last?

And is anyone in the media telling you that the refreeze at the Arctic this autumn is remarkably fast and widespread?

No-one's telling us any of this, because it doesn't fit in with the media's alarmist agenda. Well done for keeping your readers informed of the other side of the story.

Read it here.


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