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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

ABC Science Journo - "the debate is over"

Hardly surprising, this is the ABC (Alarmist Broadcasting Corporation) after all. But concerning none the less, given the fact that this is a national broadcaster which informs a large proportion of the Australian population. Robyn Williams, presenter of a number of popular science programmes, was speaking to engineers at Gladstone's Rydges Hotel, reported the "Gladstone Observer":
He said his role as a journalist was to report the science that supported the theory behind global warming.

Strange, no word about reporting science that doesn't...
Since that time [40 years ago] the science had been growing to a stage now where the debate is over.

He said the very best of science now claims climate change as fact.

I think we all know climate change is fact - it has been fact since the beginning of time - it's the link to human activity we're all arguing about. Anyway, for someone claiming to be a science journalist, he clearly has no understanding of what scientific investigation is about. Maybe he should go into politics. Read it here.


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